Tips for Safe Traveling During a Pandemic

Tips for Safe Traveling During a Pandemic – For those of you who really like traveling or exploring a place, you will definitely feel very bored if we can only spend time at home. It feels like you can’t wait to go back to traveling, right? Yes, of course there are many destinations that you want to visit, be it the beach or your favorite hotel that is on your wishlist.

Eits, wait a minute, before that there are some things that you must pay attention to so that you stay ‘protected’ while traveling.
Here we summarize tips for safe traveling during the new normal.

Tips for Safe Traveling During a Pandemic

1. Always carry hand sanitizer

Washing your hands regularly is very important to maintain hand hygiene, especially considering that there are many germs to viruses that can stick to your hands. In addition, we also very often touch our face with our hands. Research shows we touch our face with our hands up to 23 times in just one hour.

If washing hands with soap and running water is not possible, then hand sanitizer can be used instead of hand soap where its effectiveness is not much different.
A study by the University of Maryland showed that the amount of bacteria left on hands that were cleaned using soap and hand sanitizer was not much different.

2. Use cloth masks everywhere

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that everyone wear a cloth mask when going out in public.
This is to anticipate the spread of the virus from people without symptoms (OTG). However, wearing a mask does not mean it is safe to be close to other people. However, you must still pay attention to the protocol for maintaining a good and correct distance.

3. Choose a seat near the airplane window

If possible, when traveling by plane, choose a window seat.
An Emory University study revealed that during flu season the safest place to sit on an airplane is near a window.
Why? Because people sitting in window seats have less contact with potentially sick people.

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4. Bring your own cutlery

Eating and drinking utensils such as spoons, forks, and tumblers can be taken anywhere when traveling. By bringing your own eating utensils, it can prevent transmission.

5. Check-in online

We know that one of the media for the spread of the virus is by touch. A boarding pass is an object that changes hands frequently and is touched for checking.

The solution to reduce touch during checking is by doing an online boarding pass. Therefore, it is recommended that you directly check-in online on the Pegipegi application.

6. Bring your own digital thermometer

It is normal for body temperature checks to be carried out in public areas at this time. Usually by ‘shooting’ a digital infrared thermometer at the top of the eye (forehead).
Due to its large size and relatively high price, carrying it independently is not ideal. However, you can bring or buy your own thermometer.
By bringing this thermometer, you can check your body temperature regularly at your destination. This is also to ensure if you have symptoms of a fever.