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Tips for Safe Solo Traveling – Solo traveling is the activity of someone who wants to hone his responsibility and independence. Who said traveling alone will feel lonely? Solo traveling even has many benefits, but before you go traveling alone you should listen to the tips below

1. Tell the people closest to you

Before you leave, you should first tell your relatives, relatives, or closest friends about your vacation plans. Starting from the destination city, departure date, vacation duration, as well as your schedule and flight number if you are on vacation by airplane. The goal is for them to know where you are and immediately help when you need something.

2. Prepare a budget for transportation, accommodation, meals, and so on

Manage your vacation budget effectively. Before starting your vacation, you can start looking for airline tickets and hotel rooms that fit your budget. At Airy, you will find a selection of flights and accommodations that can be sorted according to your budget. For hotel rooms, you can find rooms with complete facilities with guaranteed comfort in each room.

In addition to accommodation and transportation, also calculate the budget for food, drinks, entrance fees to tourist attractions, and to buy souvenirs. That way, even if you travel alone, your expenses can still be more controlled.

3. Know the area you want to visit

If you are traveling solo this time, you are visiting a new place, you must recognize the area of ​​your vacation destination. You can find out on the internet or ask people who have visited the area. Starting from the traditions in the area, its safety, the characteristics of the local residents, the transportation there, as well as important tourist objects to visit. So, your trip will be safer and more effective!

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4. Record important numbers

In addition to recognizing the area where you are on vacation, so that solo traveling is more secure, you can record and save important numbers, such as the telephone numbers of the police, ambulance, and your closest family. In addition to your cellphone, it’s a good idea to also write it down in your travel book.

5. Prepare directions

Don’t get lost on the road to make you run out of time looking for a way. You can prepare directions in the form of GPS on your cellphone. Or if you want something more conventional, you can bring a map like a tourist in the movies. But if you’re the type of person who finds it difficult to read directions, don’t hesitate to ask the locals for directions, so you don’t get lost. As the saying goes, “it’s embarrassing to ask astray on the road”.

6. Bring a monopod or tripod

Solo traveling is not a barrier for you to keep capturing your moments in vacation spots. You can keep hunting for the coolest and instagramable photos with the help of a tripod or monopod, better known as tongsis (narcissistic stick). Done having fun posing, don’t forget to share cool photos on your social media!