negative effects of climbing a mountain

Benefits of Climbing Mountains for Health – Mountain climbing is a hobby that can make us feel challenged and requires courage to be able to do it. But do you know the benefits of climbing a mountain? Here are the benefits

1. Improve heart and lung health

Mountain climbing activities will make the heart and lungs work harder than usual. At the time of climbing oxygen supply and circulation will increase.

Plus the fresh air will certainly add a good effect to your body. Thus, of course, it can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Benefits of Climbing Mountains for Health

2. Relieve stress

Climbing can also be a way to reduce fatigue from daily routines that often make us stressed. Beautiful scenery, shady trees and cool air will make your mind fresh again.

In addition, according to research, hiking with a long enough duration can increase levels of happiness. Especially if you do it with friends, it will be more exciting and fun.

3. Strengthens leg and hand muscles

Terrain which is dominated by incline paths will certainly make the work of the leg muscles more extra. Dirt, gravel and rocky roads can actually make your leg muscles get stronger.

But remember to warm up before going up the mountain to avoid cramps or injury. For beginners, don’t forget to climb with experienced friends, so that it will be safer and more comfortable.

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4. Make the bones of the body become denser

Climbing the mountain is an activity that requires strong physical because starting from the feet, spine and hands become the foundation of climbing. Of course, by climbing a mountain for a certain duration, our muscles and bones will become stronger and denser.

Moreover, when climbing in the morning that gets sunlight will certainly have a positive impact on the health and strength of our bones. But still don’t force it if your body condition is not prime.

5. Train memory and emotions

According to research, physical activity, one of which is mountain climbing, has a positive impact on brain health. Because climbing requires the right instincts to remember and manage emotions well. By climbing regularly, it will certainly make memory more honed and emotions in our bodies can be managed properly.