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Tips to Keep Your Feet Awake When Climbing a Mountain – When we want to climb a mountain, we will definitely pay attention to many things. One of them is health, before climbing the mountain we must ensure that we have a healthy body. Feet are part of the body that must be considered because the feet will be used to climb mountains

1. Wear trekking shoes
Shoes are an essential item that supports mountain climbing activities. When doing mountain climbing activities, of course you will be faced with various steep and unpredictable terrain. Therefore, you need trekking shoes that have been specifically designed to help you face the hiking trail and protect your feet from the risk of injury.

Tips to Keep Your Feet Awake When Climbing a Mountain

2. Make sure the shoes you wear are waterproof
When buying mountain shoes, make sure that the shoes you buy are equipped with a waterproof or waterproof concept. This function will help protect your feet from being dry when traversing wet and damp terrain.

Conversely, if you use mountain shoes that are not equipped with a waterproof concept, water can penetrate your shoes when passing through wet and damp terrain. As a result, this can trigger fungus and unpleasant odors on your feet.

3. Wear special socks
Often considered trivial, it turns out that using socks is very important when doing climbing activities, you know! Socks will be useful to prevent blisters on the feet, protect feet from bacteria and fungi, and prevent foot odor.

However, make sure the socks you wear are made of soft materials and dry quickly. Don’t forget to bring spare socks, if you go through wet terrain and make your socks wet, you should change them right away!

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4. Use trekking poles
To help ease the burden carried on the body and legs, it is recommended that you use a trekking pole when climbing. In addition, trekking poles also help ease your steps when passing through steep and rocky terrain, and reduce the risk of injury to your feet.

5. Avoid bending your knees at rest
Who likes to bend their knees while resting on the hiking trail? In fact, many rest in a sitting position with their legs crossed. Although often unconscious, these two positions make your muscles and nerves unable to rest properly. Therefore, so that your muscles and nerves can rest too, what you have to do is straighten your legs while resting.