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Equipment That Must be Brought When Climbing The Mountain – Climbing a mountain is a hobby for most people who like to vacation and try extreme things. In climbing a mountain, we can enjoy the vast natural scenery above the height of a mountain. Climbing the mountain requires some equipment to take care of yourself. You have to bring very useful equipment there, because you can’t predict anything that will happen in the future. Here is the mandatory equipment that you must bring when climbing the mountain.

Mountain bag

One of the equipment that must be carried when climbing a mountain is of course a mountain bag. It is impossible to go to the mountains with only a plastic bag. Choose a mountain bag that is waterproof and able to hold a lot of things. A brightly colored mountain bag will make you easily visible when in the forest.

Mountain Shoes or Sandals

Next, make sure you use mountain shoes or sandals when climbing. The road to reach the top of the mountain is not as smooth as the highway that people usually pass, but sand with boulders on its feet.

Moreover, when it rains, the road or climbing terrain will be very slippery and often make climbers slip. For this reason, shoes or sandals have been created specifically for stepping through the steep mountains full of dense forests. It is recommended that you use shoes to be more secure.

Use a Parachute Jacket

When climbing the mountain, it is highly recommended to use a parachute jacket. Because if you wear a jacket made of cotton or other materials, it can get wet due to dew and make your body heavy. This of course can make the trip choked up because of the cold.

In addition, you also need to bring a raincoat. This raincoat is of course useful when it rains. Put the raincoat in an easily accessible place, so that when it rains, it can be used immediately.


If you stay in the mountains, of course, this tent is obligatory to bring. This tent will protect you from wind, rain, cold, animals, and other disturbances. So before leaving to climb the mountain, you must first discuss with friends what type of tent to bring, as needed.

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Sleeping bag and mattress

Mattresses and sleeping bags are very useful for sleeping. When sleeping on a mountain, of course you will be cold if you only rely on clothes and jackets. Especially on a very cold night. You will need a mat to block the cold from the ground, and a sleeping bag to block the cold from outside. By using a sleeping bag, you will be warmer and avoid the cold.


One of the equipment or equipment that is often forgotten is medicine. Even though this is very important in overcoming various diseases that you suddenly experience while climbing the mountain. Various general medicines must be brought, and for those of you who have special diseases that sometimes can recur suddenly, it is better to take the medicine that the doctor has given you just in case.

Eating and drinking utensils

You must bring eating and drinking utensils if you want to cook on the mountain. The cutlery includes plates, glasses, spoons, small knives, small gas stoves, nesting tools, and so on. However, if you don’t need to cook food on the mountain, these items also don’t need to be brought because they are quite heavy on luggage.

Flashlight or headlamp

Flashlights and headlamps are very useful to provide lighting in the dark. The flashlight from a smartphone is not strong enough to help light the way, so don’t rely on the light from a smartphone flashlight alone. Also try to bring a waterproof flashlight so it doesn’t get damaged in case you need it in the rain.


Matches are very useful for cooking on the mountain. These matches are also useful if you want to make a bonfire. Be careful with matches so you don’t burn the forest.