Summer ernational Traveling With Fun Travel Summer ernational Traveling With Fun Travel

Summer ernational Traveling With Fun Travel – Summer is welcomed with exciting and fun international traveling to entertain yourself with refreshing long trips around the country

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet fully over, various countries in the world including Indonesia have started accepting foreign tourists with various health protocol requirements. start the return of international travel. It seems that tourists are competing to prepare their suitcases to welcome the holiday season in a different place compared to the last two years.

Including tourists from Indonesia who do not miss being one of the most enthusiastic countries to travel. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, increasing flight frequency and the desire to travel abroad, Indonesian tourists are showing a strong preference for Southeast Asian destinations.

According to Agoda’s booking data from May to August 2022, the five popular tourist destinations among Indonesian tourists are Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, followed by the United States and France.

Globally, Bangkok will be the top tourist destination in 2022. With the easing of most travel rules, this busy city has welcomed the holiday season that offers nightlife, beaches, temples, culture and food. Other Asian gems that occupy the top 5 tourist destinations in a row are Jeju Island, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and Seoul.

A Global Destination for Travelers from Around the World

Bali is ranked 7th in the top 10 global destinations for tourists from all over the world. Known as the Land of the Gods, Bali is charmed by the natural beauty of towering volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. In addition, it is also known as a surfers paradise.

This area in eastern Indonesia has charm from exotic dances and colorful ceremonies, arts and crafts, to luxury beach resorts and exciting nightlife. Don’t forget the intricately carved temples that can be found almost all over the place.

“Around the world, we are seeing international travel starting to return this year, as travel restrictions are easing, showing that people have been looking forward to traveling internationally again in the last two years. Tourists make the most of their holidays and are interested in visiting domestic and international destinations in the Asian region.”

“Reliving memories and returning to places that tourists have visited seem to be the theme this summer. At Agoda, we strive to enable more people to travel by providing best-in-class travel options, both on the website and on the app, with the best deals on accommodation, flights and other exciting things to do, as travel returns to normal,” said Omri Morgenshtern, CEO of Agoda.

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Summer Travel Facts

According to data from travel recovery trends compiled from the World Travel & Tourism Council 2022 report, there are 5 interesting facts that we should consider before deciding on a tourist destination in 2022:

Bangkok is a top destination in Asia Pacific for US and UK travelers, and ranks in the top three globally for all regions (Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe).
Indian tourists are excited to revisit Thailand, followed by Indonesia, Singapore, France and Switzerland this summer holiday season.
Singaporean tourists mostly visited neighboring countries such as Malaysia, followed by Thailand and Indonesia.
Australia is the origin of the most international tourists who come to Bali, followed by Singapore, Korea and India.
The three cities that are top destinations for American tourists in Asia Pacific are Bangkok, Manila, and Tokyo

Tips for Safe Traveling During a Pandemic – For those of you who really like traveling or exploring a place, you will definitely feel very bored if we can only spend time at home. It feels like you can’t wait to go back to traveling, right? Yes, of course there are many destinations that you want to visit, be it the beach or your favorite hotel that is on your wishlist.

Eits, wait a minute, before that there are some things that you must pay attention to so that you stay ‘protected’ while traveling.
Here we summarize tips for safe traveling during the new normal.

Tips for Safe Traveling During a Pandemic

1. Always carry hand sanitizer

Washing your hands regularly is very important to maintain hand hygiene, especially considering that there are many germs to viruses that can stick to your hands. In addition, we also very often touch our face with our hands. Research shows we touch our face with our hands up to 23 times in just one hour.

If washing hands with soap and running water is not possible, then hand sanitizer can be used instead of hand soap where its effectiveness is not much different.
A study by the University of Maryland showed that the amount of bacteria left on hands that were cleaned using soap and hand sanitizer was not much different.

2. Use cloth masks everywhere

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that everyone wear a cloth mask when going out in public.
This is to anticipate the spread of the virus from people without symptoms (OTG). However, wearing a mask does not mean it is safe to be close to other people. However, you must still pay attention to the protocol for maintaining a good and correct distance.

3. Choose a seat near the airplane window

If possible, when traveling by plane, choose a window seat.
An Emory University study revealed that during flu season the safest place to sit on an airplane is near a window.
Why? Because people sitting in window seats have less contact with potentially sick people.

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4. Bring your own cutlery

Eating and drinking utensils such as spoons, forks, and tumblers can be taken anywhere when traveling. By bringing your own eating utensils, it can prevent transmission.

5. Check-in online

We know that one of the media for the spread of the virus is by touch. A boarding pass is an object that changes hands frequently and is touched for checking.

The solution to reduce touch during checking is by doing an online boarding pass. Therefore, it is recommended that you directly check-in online on the Pegipegi application.

6. Bring your own digital thermometer

It is normal for body temperature checks to be carried out in public areas at this time. Usually by ‘shooting’ a digital infrared thermometer at the top of the eye (forehead).
Due to its large size and relatively high price, carrying it independently is not ideal. However, you can bring or buy your own thermometer.
By bringing this thermometer, you can check your body temperature regularly at your destination. This is also to ensure if you have symptoms of a fever.

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Tips for Safe Solo Traveling – Solo traveling is the activity of someone who wants to hone his responsibility and independence. Who said traveling alone will feel lonely? Solo traveling even has many benefits, but before you go traveling alone you should listen to the tips below

1. Tell the people closest to you

Before you leave, you should first tell your relatives, relatives, or closest friends about your vacation plans. Starting from the destination city, departure date, vacation duration, as well as your schedule and flight number if you are on vacation by airplane. The goal is for them to know where you are and immediately help when you need something.

2. Prepare a budget for transportation, accommodation, meals, and so on

Manage your vacation budget effectively. Before starting your vacation, you can start looking for airline tickets and hotel rooms that fit your budget. At Airy, you will find a selection of flights and accommodations that can be sorted according to your budget. For hotel rooms, you can find rooms with complete facilities with guaranteed comfort in each room.

In addition to accommodation and transportation, also calculate the budget for food, drinks, entrance fees to tourist attractions, and to buy souvenirs. That way, even if you travel alone, your expenses can still be more controlled.

3. Know the area you want to visit

If you are traveling solo this time, you are visiting a new place, you must recognize the area of ​​your vacation destination. You can find out on the internet or ask people who have visited the area. Starting from the traditions in the area, its safety, the characteristics of the local residents, the transportation there, as well as important tourist objects to visit. So, your trip will be safer and more effective!

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4. Record important numbers

In addition to recognizing the area where you are on vacation, so that solo traveling is more secure, you can record and save important numbers, such as the telephone numbers of the police, ambulance, and your closest family. In addition to your cellphone, it’s a good idea to also write it down in your travel book.

5. Prepare directions

Don’t get lost on the road to make you run out of time looking for a way. You can prepare directions in the form of GPS on your cellphone. Or if you want something more conventional, you can bring a map like a tourist in the movies. But if you’re the type of person who finds it difficult to read directions, don’t hesitate to ask the locals for directions, so you don’t get lost. As the saying goes, “it’s embarrassing to ask astray on the road”.

6. Bring a monopod or tripod

Solo traveling is not a barrier for you to keep capturing your moments in vacation spots. You can keep hunting for the coolest and instagramable photos with the help of a tripod or monopod, better known as tongsis (narcissistic stick). Done having fun posing, don’t forget to share cool photos on your social media!

The Serenity You Get From a Vacation to The Beach The Serenity You Get From a Vacation to The Beach

The Serenity You Get From a Vacation to The Beach – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the article we have collected with data from reliable sources that discuss the serenity that is achieved from a vacation to the beach.

Have you ever spent all day at the beach and returned home feeling stress-free? All agree the beach has a calming effect. However, spending time on the beach does have health benefits.

1. Reduce stress

Stepping on the beach sand and in the sun has a relaxing effect on the body. Not only is serotonin released immediately upon arrival at the beach, but the sound and environment of the beach brings peace to you.

The sound of the ocean has an even deeper emotional effect. The sound of the ocean triggers deep memories and a relaxed feeling, like hearing a mother’s heartbeat.

2. Increase creativity

According to scientists, relaxing on the beach can increase creativity. Being surrounded by a blue environment allows you to clear your mind and solve problems in creative ways. The effect is the same as meditation.

3. Helps reduce depression

Beaches can provide relief from your depression and anxiety. When you look out over the sea, you will feel very small. This is beneficial to mental health and is the reason why imagining the ocean is so often practiced in relaxation exercises.

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4. Beach air is very good for the body

The air on the beach is very far from negative ions. This not only boosts the immune system but also helps balance serotonin levels. The effect is to feel better your mood, reduce stress levels, and sleep better.

5. Good for skin

Beach sand is a natural exfoliator. It’s like a natural scrub that clears dead skin and makes the skin breathe. Sunlight on the beach is also good for psoriasis.

In addition, salt and potassium chloride in seawater also help heal skin rashes and provide nutrients to the skin.

6. Boosts the immune system

Sunlight can contain vitamin D which helps prevent autoimmune diseases. Sea water also contains minerals and other compounds that boost immunity and rid the body of toxins.

Differences in the Personality of Mountain and Beach Lovers Differences in the Personality of Mountain and Beach Lovers

Differences in the Personality of Mountain and Beach Lovers – When viewed from a favorite tourist spot, be it mountains or beaches, this can also be seen how the person’s personality is. Launching from the page, there is quite a significant difference between the personalities of people who like to vacation to the mountains and those who vacation to the beach. What is the difference?

Love the Mountain

According to experts from the United Nations, the Study of the World Tourism Organization or UNWTO says that people who like holidays and adventure to the mountains generally have an introverted personality. These people are people who like challenges, like the quiet of everything that is very comfortable.

Even though they are quite introverted, people, especially women who like to go to the mountains, do not give up easily. They also have a high optimistic nature to achieve their goals. These people care deeply for others, like to build close, honest and sincere friendly relationships. Those who like mountains are also people who are not afraid of the challenges ahead.

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Love the Beach

Those who like to vacation to the beach rather than the mountains are generally ignorant and straightforward. Even so, they are very easy to socialize with their surroundings. Almost the same as a person who likes mountains, a person who likes the beach is also adventurous. It’s just that these people sometimes get bored quite easily on something.

If those who like to climb mountains have high spirits, those who like beaches have a fairly flat spirit. When these dreams and ideals do not come true, he will not regret it. Similar to the waves, the emotions and personal feelings that like the beach are also up and down and bumpy. Compared to being in a quiet place, those who like the beach really like and feel calm when in a crowded place.